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  • Yowza Cardio Core Trainer

    Pay 3 Weeks Upfront From: 54.00

    The Yowza CTX CardioCore™ Trainer is unlike other core exercise machines, as it does not require you to spend time on the floor, on your knees or back, no neck strain or uncomfortable bending in the positions that these exercises typically require.

    The unique upright position, counter rotational movement and the ability to dial in the perfect amount of bounce makes this one of the most dynamic and comfortable abdominal machines available.

    The New and revolutionary Yowza CTX CardioCore Trainer will give you the flat stomach and toned look you have always dreamed about! Shape and tone the muscles of your abdominals, obliques in just minutes a day

    Please Note: If you wish to have this machine brought upstairs there must be adequate space for the machine to be brought upstairs and help must be on hand at the delivery address to assist the driver. Thank you.

    Payment Options:

    • Pay In Full – 4 Weeks €120
    • Pay In Full – 8 Weeks €180
    • Pay In Full – 12 Weeks €220
    • Pay In Full – 16 Weeks €280
    • Pay In Full – 20 Weeks €320
    • Pay Weekly – 8 weeks (3 Week Deposit + €25 per week)
    • Pay Weekly – 12 weeks (3 Week Deposit + €23 per week)
    • Pay Weekly – 16 weeks (3 Weeks Deposit + €20 per week)
    • Pay Weekly – 20 weeks (3 Week Deposit + €18 per week)