Yes. We only hire fitness equipment to people with a Irish bank account.
We always recommend that customers consult their doctor before embarking on any fitness regime, simply as a precautionary measure. Staff at NE Fitness Ireland are not able to give fitness advice with regards to your personal health.
Our equipment is covered by insurance whilst on the premises of NE Fitness Ireland and in transit. Whilst the equuipment is with you, it is your responsibility to ensure that your household or work insurance covers all damage risk whilst in your possession.
On the day of delivery to you, we take 3 weeks rental in advance (and a security deposit if applicable, which is equal to another 3 weeks rent) . We will also ask you to complete a Standing Order form so we can collect all subsequent rental payments when due automatically every week until the hire contract is completed.
There is a charge of €50 if you cancel you contract before completion date